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Affordable Way to Use Systematic Quantitative Model Investing

Systematic Investing manages one of the biggest threats to a portfolio - our own behavioral tendencies which constrain performance. Successful investing requires a disciplined system, seeking out strong ideas and managing the cauldron of emotions. We provide an affordable alternative to DIY investors and financial advisors to use quantitative model portfolios for systematic investing.

Why Systematic Investing


  • Market Conditions

    Market is our ultimate guide.  We invest when conditions are most favorable. This assists us to minimize damage from headwinds, and race with a tailwind.

  • Stock

    Our models use multiple criterias to guide us to the stocks with strong appreciation potential

  • Risk

    Built a layered risk management approach. Models guide us to invest only when all conditions are met, and scale back in tricky markets.

  • Disciplined Pursuit

    Follow the system. Don’t second-guess it. Once you’re satisfied with its performance, trust the system.

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The Way it Works

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Logo Transparent 200x77-Yukon GoldBiotechnology or Biotechs has been one of the best performing sectors over the past 10 years, with returns far outpacing the broader market. The model portfolio is a high-risk and high-reward one, focused on a highly promising sector, and continues to outperform key benchmark indexes consistently and convincingly.


 The Graycell Smallcap Portfolio is a model-driven product focusing on the smallcap segment, with marketcap ranging from $200 million - $3 billion. With a publishing history of over 10 years, the portfolio has delivered solid and consistent gains. This is a high-risk, high-reward product, providing focused exposure to a dynamic market segment.

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