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    Thank you for subscribing to the Free Monthly Stock Pick. This month’s pick is posted below, and future Picks will be sent by email. The Pick is Not a recommendation. We only recommend a portfolio approach for investing. The pick is either part of our model portfolio or a high-rated pick if the Portfolio is in Cash. Opening price of 1st trading day after publication is used to calculate performance.

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Stock Pick for Dec 2022: EXTR

Stock Pick for Nov 2022: HLIT -2%

Stock Pick for Oct 2022: CALX +17%

Stock Pick for Sep 2022: No Pick

Stock Pick for Aug 2022: TMDX +27%

Stock Pick for May, Jun, Jul, 2022: No Picks

Stock Pick for Apr 2022: LXU -6%

Stock Pick for Mar 2022: VET +13%

Stock Pick for Feb 2022: No Pick

Stock Pick for Jan 2022: GDYN  -22% (closed Jan 14)

Stock Pick for Nov/Dec 2021: LXU  +22%

Stock Pick for Oct 2021: LC  +40%

Stock Pick for Sep 2021: MXL -10%

Stock Pick for Aug 2021: DOMO -4%

Stock Pick for July 2021: AVID -7%

Stock Pick for June 2021: TMST  -12%

Stock Pick for May 2021: FNKO +21%

Stock Pick for April 2021: KRA -4%

Stock Pick for Mar 2021 : BJRI -1%

Stock Pick for Feb 2021: PLT +29%

Stock Pick for Jan 2021: SPWR +108%

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