When Doves Fly And The Bulls Run

The Federal Reserve's Open Market Committee offered the possibility of three rate cuts next year, driving stock market indexes to new highs.The Fed's outlook has pivoted towards market expectations, with
Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve To Sustain Or Snip The Rally

Market awaits Federal Reserve's decision on future rate cuts, with expectations rising for cuts in March and May.Fed is cautious about signaling a shift to less restrictive policy due to
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The Stock Market’s Big Question

The Federal Reserve paused rate hikes after 10 consecutive increases.Fed's projections indicate two additional rate hikes are possible.The market has been resilient and continues to trend higher after the meeting,
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The Market Waits

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates by a quarter point to manage inflation, but faces a conundrum.The Federal Reserve has opened a new short-term loan facility to address a liquidity
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Market’s Biggest Week This Year
As The Fed Meets

The unfolding banking crisis has been shaking financial markets and contributing to a negative tone in the stock market.Recession risk has risen as the banking crisis envelops more banks.The Federal
Bull and Bear (Bet_Noire)

Opportunities Abound
Small Cap Outlook 2023

Small caps outperformed the Nasdaq Composite last year as stocks fell due to the Federal Reserve's efforts to control inflation.Market fears are mounting that the economy may slip into a

Stocks Get Closer To A Surge

Interest rate policy is getting closer to a step-down.More Federal Reserve officials are focused on the risks of sharply rising rates.Inflation can fall rapidly next year due to the lagging
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Living In A Drawdown State
60% Of The Time

Bear markets bring into focus the inevitability of portfolio drawdowns.Drawdowns are more common than investors realize.About two-thirds of the time a portfolio will be in a drawdown state, referred to ~ Capitol Hill

The Market Is Biding Time

The market is biding time waiting for the election outcome. Quite likely, it may be Biden's time.A blue wave can be most beneficial to the market at this time due
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Stocks To March HigherIrrespective Of Election Outcome

Stocks to move higher irrespective of Presidential election outcome.Prominent near-term risk is of a contested election.If polling lead stays steady or widens, stocks to respond positively.Stocks are well-placed to have ~ Stock Market

Stock Market’s Next Move

The market remains unsettled but is moving higher as it expects good things to happen after the hot spots peak.The impact of the pandemic will keep expanding deeper into the ~ Yuan-Dollar - Getty Images

Sell Or Hold As Volatility Strikes

Unexpected tariffs catch the market by surpriseSharp selloff accompanies escalating trade conflict with ChinaWhile the negative consequences of rising trade friction are significant, there are a couple of positives which ~ Stock

Does The Bull Survive?
Stock Market Outlook 2019

Intense volatility in the final quarter eroded double-digit gains last year Fears of a recession or a sharp economic slowdown in 2019 are inconsistent with data and most likely ~ New York Stock Exchange - Stock Market

A Short Case For A Longer Term

The stock market is volatile but still rewarding Most investors should favor a longer-term time frame as the stock market again records new highs after recovering from the first quarter ~ Stock Market To Rise Again

Stock Market: It’s Not Over Yet

Stock market gored by a sharp spike in yields. Rising inflationary expectations feed into the fear of an aggressive monetary policy beyond current expectation. A cyclical adjustment as we
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Investor Biases. Be Aware!

November 14, 2017 We can be irrational investors and have to be aware of our biases. Investing biases can cost us significant returns over time. Group Thinking, Loss Aversion, and
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Systematic Investing Works!

November 07, 2017 Systematic Investing, using quantitative models, continues to grow as it addresses key drawback of active investing - behavioral biases Behavioral economics continues to provide growing evidence of
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The Small Cap Rush!

October 10, 2017 After a sleepy start, small cap stocks have turned up the heat. Corporate tax cut proposal triggered the rally. The enduring power of small cap relative outperformance
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Buffett Makes It Clear!

Buffett's Recent Investments Suggest Confidence In Economic Growth. The Economy Has Legs and So Does the Market. Uninterrupted Market Rise Raises Probability of A Normal Pullback. Even Though March
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The Stock Market Is Heading Higher

February 08, 2017 A change of administration typically means new policies that impact economic growth The first two weeks of the new administration have been fairly controversial The stock market
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Living In A Drawdown State – 60% Of The Time

Drawdowns are inevitable and more common than investors realize. Nearly two-thirds of the time a portfolio will be in a Drawdown, referred to as a State of Regret. Nearly
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Madam Or Mister President – Pricing A Presidency

November 5, 2016 The stock market begins to factor in a non-Clinton Presidency. Late momentum allows Trump to close gap with Clinton, forcing the stock market to recalibrate. A spurt
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The State Of The Market 7 Days Before Elections

November 1, 2016 Earnings are coming in better than expected by the stock market, with the S&P 500 companies reversing an over year-long decline during Q3 itself. The final hustle
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Trading Strategy Exacerbates Market Turmoil

October 17, 2016 Recently, Robin Wigglesworth of Financial Times wrote an interesting article about some automated systematic investing strategies being pursued by institutions that add to the volatility in the stock

Understanding Our Investing Biases – Part 2

SEPTEMBER 21, 2016 Investors are not rational and have to deal with biases. Investing biases can cost us significant return over time. Disposition, Confirmation, and Anchoring are few other biases

Understanding Our Investing Biases – Part 1

SEPTEMBER 17, 2017 Investors are not rational and have to deal with biases. Investing biases can cost us significant return over time. Loss Aversion, Confidence, and Bandwagon are few of
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Why UBS Is Hiring So Many Quants?

SEPTEMBER 12, 2016 This recent headline on Bloomberg caught my attention. "There's a Simple Reason Why UBS Is Hiring So Many Quants" The Swiss financial giant UBS Group, which oversees nearly $2 trillion, has

Active Management Loses Ground

SEPTEMBER 09, 2016 Most Active Managers Are Unable to Outperform benchmark S&P500 Small-cap managers face an even more uphill battle with 90% underperforming S&P600 There is room to consider model-based