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The Trade War Has An Upside

Recession fears fueled by an inverting yield curve has investors scrambling for cover The US-China trade war has convulsed the market with unexpected bouts of severe volatility The trade war ~ Yuan-Dollar - Getty Images

Sell Or Hold As Volatility Strikes

Unexpected tariffs catch the market by surpriseSharp selloff accompanies escalating trade conflict with ChinaWhile the negative consequences of rising trade friction are significant, there are a couple of positives which ~ Stock

Does The Bull Survive?
Stock Market Outlook 2019

Intense volatility in the final quarter eroded double-digit gains last year Fears of a recession or a sharp economic slowdown in 2019 are inconsistent with data and most likely ~ Stock Market Outlook

This Stock Market Reset Requires Patience

Halloween is coming, but the goblins seem to have already arrived and lost their way into the stock market. And they're creating havoc! The relentless volatility and a drip of
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A Federal Reserve Jolt

Federal Reserve Chairman Powell's recent comments about future rate hikes are being perceived to be more hawkish. With interest rate risk rising, short-term volatility has increased further in a ~ New York Stock Exchange - Stock Market

A Short Case For A Longer Term

The stock market is volatile but still rewarding Most investors should favor a longer-term time frame as the stock market again records new highs after recovering from the first quarter ~ Stock Market To Rise Again

Stock Market: It’s Not Over Yet

Stock market gored by a sharp spike in yields. Rising inflationary expectations feed into the fear of an aggressive monetary policy beyond current expectation. A cyclical adjustment as we ~ Capitol Hill ~ Tax Cuts

Move Over Yellen! It’s Tax Cut Time!

September 29, 2017 Yellen remains steadfast on the interest rate path Stock market takes the higher probability of December rate rise in its stride The health care repeals effort fizzle
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Will The Federal Reserve Send The Market Higher?

September 19, 2017 Federal Reserve begins an important meeting on Tuesday with implications for the stock market Start date for the Balance Sheet Rollback program to be announced Federal Reserve's
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Monetary Policy Reset At The Federal Reserve

Monetary policy became more aggressive last month with the announcement of the balance sheet normalization program Emerging evidence now points to a willingness to reconsider further rate increases based
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Will The Federal Reserve Avoid A Slowdown?

June 29, 2017 Market fundamentals remain stable with earnings momentum and a steady economy Monetary policy experiencing a material change as the Federal Reserve outlined a program to reverse quantitative
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Lessons from a Trump Presidency

May 16, 2017 Controversies are now typical of the new Trump administration. In spite of jolting political news, the market remains in a steady uptrend. Earnings and growth trump
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Is The Stock Market’s Hour Up?

April 26, 2017 Market professionals are suggesting an imminent correction for some time. Key measures are indicating overvaluation. But the market still marches on. Market Timing is a costly exercise,
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The Relentless Stock Market And Missed Calls!

March 24, 2017 Brilliant professional money managers fail in their market timing. For individuals it is even harder to engage in market timing. An eye on the three key supports
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Small Cap Stocks Breathe Fire!

January 22, 2017 Small Cap stocks had a strong 2016 after a slow start The enduring power of Small Cap performance over years should factor into portfolio decisions Investors must
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Return Of The Fundamentals – 3 Reasons For Stocks To Head Higher

November 11, 2017 Economy and earnings can't be ignored. Monetary policy remains accommodative. Investor sentiment has improved markedly towards assuming risk in stocks. Higher stock prices and new stock market highs expected   It may be instructive to keep
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Staying The Course!
Stocks Remain Attractive

SEPTEMBER 13, 2016 Federal Reserve to shift out any monetary policy change to December or beyond. A pre-emptive increase can turn the intended medicine to poison. Volatility to remain elevated

Active Management Loses Ground

SEPTEMBER 09, 2016 Most Active Managers Are Unable to Outperform benchmark S&P500 Small-cap managers face an even more uphill battle with 90% underperforming S&P600 There is room to consider model-based
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Smallcap Stocks are Charging Ahead

JULY 14, 2016 Small-cap stocks have risen strongly from their February lows Risk appetite remains strong, and portfolio exposure to this dynamic segment is prudent Favorable Fed policy and signs
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Brexit Doesn’t Mean An Exit On Stocks

JUNE 30, 2016 Interest Rates to Remain Lower for Longer Economic Growth was Stronger in Q1 than Expected Even though Brexit Puts Pressure on Global Growth, How Much and When